NSP Youth

Doing Our Best to Exhibit the Talents of Our Youth


On November 1, NSP was placed on hiatus after 25 years of work in the community. Due to an unstable board of directors, and a decline in parental support and involvement, as the CEO, I felt it was in the best interest for NSP to discontinue its weekly activities. Some members were willing to assist with specific events that NSP must remain committed to, however, for the company to operate successfully, we must have commitment from all parties, including the board, parents, staff, members, as well as supporting organizations that wish to work with us.

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of the companies who have supported NSPYouth.org over the years:

  • Disney – Disney is a leader in the entertainment industry and supports youth throughout the world.
  • The Forklift Center – The top source for forklifts and lift trucks for sale, rent and lease throughout the US.
  • New York City – NYC supports programs that keep our youth in a safe, productive environment.

During the winter, NSP has confirmed and approved and official team of instructors who will work in the areas of Modeling, Dance, and Step Team. We had time negotiating a possible move to a new location, which will house NSP activities beginning in the fall.

As our official fall program becomes a reality, we are still in need of a Board of Directors to handle the business and legal aspects of the organization. Approximately five individuals are needed to complete the board, and we are also opening the company for individuals who wish to assist in the leadership, and activity planning of NSP. REQUIREMENTS are that these individuals are over age 25, and have an interest in developing a positive long-term youth program.

There will be several additional changes made to NSP. AS CEO, I will relinquish a portion of the company to my instructors and new team of advisers who will oversee the ongoing programs of NSP. I will still work as photographer, and make executive decisions if needed. We pray that our decisions will have a POSITIVE and LASTING impact on our youth. We want the best for all our members, however, it still takes a village to raise one child. In the coming weeks, we will meet with the current membership, and parents to discuss these ongoing changes. We expect a smooth transition, and look forward to great things in the coming years.

Thank you for your understanding.