About Us

On behalf of Wayne R. Winston, CEO, we welcome you to N.S.P. YOUTH, Inc., also known as Non-Stop Production. Founded November 14, 1983, NSP is “Brooklyn’s Best-Kept Secret!”. NSP is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to performing arts/talent management and supportive youth programs specifically geared for children, teens, and young adults.

The sole purpose of NSP is to promote young artists in a positive manner. Through our group talents, each member is given the opportunity to create, perform, exhibit, teach, and demonstrate his/her ability through various forms of exhibition: fashion and talent shows, competitions, youth conferences, peer activities, field trips, community services, recordings, film, video, television, stage, and workshops.

Through these avenues, each of our members will learn the values of life, respect towards self, and his/her community, dignity, self-confidence, and unity. Members work in cooperation with artists, parents, and community leaders, to plan programs, youth conferences, and propose ideas which they feel are beneficial towards their community.

This website will take you through the various opportunities that we have to offer to you.